Diabetes Reversal And Weight Loss Success Story – Sumit on Indian LCHF Diet

sumit 1 - Diabetes Reversal And Weight Loss Success Story - Sumit on Indian LCHF Diet

Sumit is basically from Mumbai but based out of Kuala Lumpur for the past 3.5 years. He is a Type 2 diabetic, and was obese before he decided to switch to Indian LCHF diet that’s talked of on the forum.

He has been on LCHF diet for around six weeks only. But, since his gains are quite substantial, we are including this as a success story. More so, because it is not just him, but his wife and daughter have also switched to LCHF diet solely for weight loss.

Before Sumit switched to LCHF diet:
  1. FBS: 144 mg/dL
  2. PPBS: 160 mg/dL
  3. Weight: 84.5 Kg
After six weeks of LCHF diet (that too he is not where we want him to be wrt CARBS):
  1. FBS: 117 mg/dL
  2. PPBS: 131 mg/dL
  3. Weight: 77.5 kg

He says:

The overall weight and inch loss is quite phenomenal and unbelievable within a short time of a little over 6 weeks. My waist is down 2+ inches and I have moved from size 38 pants to size 36 and that too need a belt to avoid it slipping down. There is also significant inch loss starting from my chin downwards and is quite noticeable to everyone.

I am feeling much fitter and healthier overall. My family and office colleagues are also inspired by LCHF and my daughter has lost 7.5 kg and wife 4.5 kg in the same period following a low carb diet, while an office colleague has lost 3.5 kg in 12 days following the LCHF diet I recommended, based on what I followed.

His success story thread:

My LCHF success story! thanks dlife.in

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