Gopi’s Type 2 Diabetes Reversal & Weight Loss Success Story on Indian Low Carb LCHF Keto Diet.

gopi - Gopi's Type 2 Diabetes Reversal & Weight Loss Success Story on Indian Low Carb LCHF Keto Diet.

Gopi has a long history of Type 2 diabetes – 20 years now. With such a long history of diabetes, he has been through all prescription drugs, and yet his diabetes wasn’t in control. Here’s the list in his own words:

Being diabetic for 18 years (since 1998) meant that I have gone through all types of medications (glyciphage, it’s SR AVATAR, euglucon, galvus, galvusmet, vobose, ecospirin, pioglit, recline, rosulip, nervup and finally cherry on top INSULIN).

Nothing very surprising here. And equally less surprising was that his A1C kept moving north, despite all the drugs, insulin and exercise. He was clocking 15000 steps a day, and thrice a week in gym. Obviously, High Carb Low Fat diet, covered with industrial doses of insulin and a plethora of other drugs, is not the way to manage diabetes.

My HbA1c initially after insulin was 6.5 but immediately started being in the range 7.5 to 8.9. My dosage of insulin started increasing.

The scientist in him pushed him to take diabetes management in his own hands, and that’s when he decided to give Indian Low Carb High fat (LCHF) diet a go. The results were nothing short of amazing despite dropping all insulin.

Last 15 months my lipids, mineral and Vit B12 have not fluctuated and within normal range which I had to take medicines earlier including one for neuropathy. My HbA1c has come down from 8.8 in March 2017 to < 7 in July 2018. Getting on to one meal a day journey ‘slog overs’ to meet the target < 6 HbA1c. I am sure this will be done!

He posted his success story on the forum at the following link: Living Life Makhan Maar ke…reversing NIDDM LCHF ishtyle! This is just one of the 200+ diabetes reversal and weight loss success stories on the forum. Click the “Join Now” button below to be the next.

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