Amit’s Diabetes Reversal & Weight Loss Success Story on Indian Low Carb LCHF Diet

amit chopra 1170x650 - Amit's Diabetes Reversal & Weight Loss Success Story on Indian Low Carb LCHF Diet

Amit Chopra is a Type 2 diabetic since 2008. As it is with every diabetic on the regular High Carb Low Fat diet, his HbA1C kept increasing, despite the increase in medications. He always struggled to keep normal blood sugar levels. Finally, in 2015, his HbA1C clocked 7.9%. He was on Amaryl and Metformin. He joined in May 2016 and started his Low-Carb LCHF journey.

Within the first few months, his HbA1C dropped from 7.9% to 5.9%, and has been stable at the same level for over 2 years now. Also, he registered a weight loss of 9 Kg. His weight is now stable at 61 Kg. He writes:

I was on Amaryl M1 and Glycomet for a long time and still was not able to reduce the sugar levels. Now I am taking only Glycomet in the evening. My weight, which was around 70 three years back, has now come down to 61. Best thing is I feel more energetic than before. 

I am also trying to convince my BH and my daughters about the benefits of LCHF. 

Through this post I wish to Thank the seniors here who have put my life back on the right track. God Bless.

By international standards, this is a classic case of Diabetes reversal and weight loss on Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet. And this is not a one-off case. 200+ success stories to boast of.

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Image Credit: Image provided by Amit Chopra with permission to use it on our network of sites.


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