Indian IDDM Type 2 LCHF Diet Success Story – Suresh Gulwadi

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It’s not just a happy moment for the diabetic alone, but the entire family is thrilled to see the family head go off 30 units/day insulin, get off Jalra and just be on the safest oral pill — Metformin. The picture attached to this success story is as sent by Suresh Gulwadi (second from right), a 64 yr Type 2 diabetic from Bangalore, with a diabetes history of 25 years.

On his Intro Thread, following was the status of numbers as posted by him on May 9th, 2018:

    A1C : 7.9%
    FBS: 146 mg/dL
    PPBS: 180 mg/dL
    Total Cholesterol: 117
    Triglycerides: 79
    HDL: 44
Details Of Medications as on May 9th, 2018
Insulin NOVAMIX aspart 15-0-15
JALRA 50/500 1-0-1
Currently, at the time of posting his Success Story, he is only on Metformin 1-0-1 and here’s precisely what he had to say:

Initially, to be exact in May ’18, I was taking insulin 30 units, JALRA 50/500 1-0-1 ,Glycomet GP2 1-0-1, Aztagold. Then I was 69 kgs and waist line 36. As on today I have lost 6 kgs and my waist line 34.

I have tapered down my medication to just Metformin (Cetapin) 1-0-1, off insulin and all harmful medicines. My cost of medication and doctors has come down drastically. Now I am feeling like a 40 Yr, with lot of energy. All these yrs I was living to eat and now carefully eating to live.

Thank you dlife Mentors, looking forward to long term association.

Every one at is as thrilled as his family in the picture is. And, all we can say is:
Congratulations for having achieved what anyone would have thought to be impossible, given 25 years of Diabetes history. You have proved once again that Indian LCHF diet is the way forward!
Image Credit: Provided by Suresh Gulwadi, with permission to use it on this post. He is 2nd from right in the picture.


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