Indian Reverses Type 2 Diabetes – LCHF Diet Success Story – Kalyani Shridhar

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Kalyani Sridhar is an Indian settled in the US. She is a Type 2 diabetic since 2001. This is her journey in her own words, dropping A1C from 9 to 5.8 while reducing Metformin dose to half of original and completely eliminating the need for Januvia on Indian LCHF diet.

LCHF diet is the new buzz all over the globe. There are sites such as and Jenny Ruhl’s that provide valuable information. Low carb high fat diet can help diabetics to reduce medication and the resulting complications. While I understood the concept well, I was at a loss as to how I can apply it to an Indian Vegetarian diet.

My HBA1C was at 9.0 back in August 2016 and I was prescribed 2000 mgs of Metformin and Januvia. Reading the side effects of Januvia and the doctor mentioning that I should come back to him if I experience extreme abdominal pain which could be due to Pancreatitis was enough for me to not start the medicine. Metformin at 2000 mgs was causing extreme heat in my body and I was getting severe rashes.

I knew there was a solution beyond drugs and I needed to find a workable solution for life. You can only imagine my joy and relief when I stumbled on to the DLIFE forum. This was the best thing that happened to me. The experts on the forum provide selfless advice on all your questions and post references to research articles. If I had chosen the path of leaning on drugs, I don’t think I would give my body a chance to reverse my condition.

Armed with learning about LCHF lifestyle on this forum and trying out recipes that have been tried out by others resulted in a HBA1C drop to 6.9 and in January of 2017 my HBA1C dropped further to 5.8. Even though I was not focusing on my cholesterol level, I am thrilled beyond words that my HDL shot up through the roof at 82. I feel more energetic than ever before. The added benefit was that I also dropped a good 20 pounds overall and am almost at my bodyweight when I was 20 ! People criticize me that I did it for looks. So be it. It slides off my thick skin just like the toxins and the unnecessary body fat.

You can reap similar benefits just as I did. I created a presentation incorporating the key learnings from my friends and experts on this forum. Get started on this Journey to help you with learning to switch to a low carb high fat lifestyle.

Image Credit: Provided by Kalyani with permission to use it on this post.
Disclaimer: All medicine names and doses are as mentioned by Kalyani.


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