Indian Type 2 Diabetes Reversal LCHF Diet Success Story – Rajnish Bhatia

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Rajnish Bhatia‘s success story goes way beyond just diabetes and weight. Indeed, he succeeded in hitting an A1C of 5.3%, while reducing the dose of Metformin and also avoiding gliptins completely. In his own words:

Today, after 5 months of LCHF, I have experienced tremendous gains, some of which are as follows:

  1. Weight dropped from 90kg to 72kg. (I am now in normal weight band.)
  2. Blood Sugar readings normalised. (HbA1C: 5.3%, BS fasting: 88-90 mg/dl, BS after meals: 115-120 mg/dl)
  3. Pain in liver area disappeared. Liver enzymes normalised from high values earlier. (Though occasional sensitivity in liver area is there.)
  4. Pain in spleen area mostly disappeared. It comes very occasionally now – about once a month.
  5. Blood pressure normalised.
  6. Heart pounding problem disappeared.
  7. High serum uric acid problem disappeared. Purynol 40 stopped.
  8. Gastroesophageal reflux disappeared. I cannot make out if I have Hiatal Hernia today, as I am symptom & trouble free in this respect.
  9. Energy levels improved a lot. Also, now I do not feel sleepy after meals.
  10. Psychoactive medications reduced: Lorazepam 1mg OD stopped, Etizolam SOS stopped, & Aripiprazole reduced from 10mg to 5mg daily.
  11. Metformin reduced from 1000mg x 2, to 850mg x 2 daily. Now I will try to reduce it further.

I feel these are very substantial gains, that were made possible by, and the Indian LCHF way of eating that I discovered through

So a big Thanks to the dLife mentors and family, for all the help and guidance, and for taking so much interest in mine and all the other cases which come up on the forum. Truly dLife, as Marika Sboros said about you in her review, “You Rock!”.

The detailed thread, as posted on the forum is – “My Story – From Despair to Hope“.

Every such success is a matter of joy for everyone at

Image Credit: Provided by Rajnish Bhatia with permission to use on this post. All medicine names/brands and doses are as mentioned by him.


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