Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Naturally Through Diet: Yashwant Baraskar’s Success Story on Indian LCHF Diet

Yashwant Baraskar's Type2 Diabetes Reversal Success story, reversing diabetes, reversing type 2 diabetes naturally

This success story of an Indian Type 2 diabetic on Low Carb High Fat diet underlines few facts:

  1. All the research about circadian clock versus blood sugar is of little relevance. Diabetes management is all about carbs control FIRST. Everything else comes later for last-mile advantage if any.
  2. Low Carb High Fat – LCHF & Keto – diet works great not just for blood sugar control but many other things like weight loss, hypertension, LIPIDS balancing etc.
  3. Keto diet is great, but is not for everyone — specially of you have thyroid problems etc. That’s why keto is an option and not a compulsion on We primarily focus on LCHF.

Yashwant Baraskar‘s type-2 diabetes has a long standing history, being diagnosed as a diabetic in 2000. So, almost 19 years as a diabetic now. On first run, his FBS was 300 mg/dL. No further tests, as usual, like GTT, Fasting Insulin, HbA1c etc. were ordered.

He has been working in the middle east for more than 30 years in shift roster, where no routine can be followed, as it changes every 2/4 days. No fix time for sleep or eating. Before he switched to LCHF diet around four years back, following were his details as posted today by him on his success story thread. When he joined he was on six different types of drugs.

  1. Janumet 50/1000 mg x2,
  2. Amaryl 1 mg x1,
  3. Aspirin,
  4. Lipitor 10 mg,
  5. Eltroxin 100mcg.

Janumet being a combination of two drugs, technically he was having six in all and A1C was 7.8

Here’s what he writes:

I started Full LCHF/keto diet. I stopped Amaryl, Lipitor and Aspirin from day one of the diet. Did this diet strictly for three months. My FBS and PPBS came down to 90-110 range and my HbA1c down to 5.5. I was quite happy with my success. Even cholesterol and specially TG readings improved (in spite of stopping Lipitor).

But my TFT worsened. Further found out that keto can do this, hence modified my diet to LCHF (100-120 gms carbs). Now my TFT is quite good. I had to restart Amaryl, but the dose is 50% of initial dose. Januvia component is out, Aspirin and Lipitor are also out for last three and half years.

HbA1c range is 5.8 – 6.2.

So, Januvia, Lipitor, Aspirin is out of the window
Amaryl is reduced to half of pre-lchf days, and yet A1C dropped by 1.8 on an average. And, following points need to be underlined, yet again:

  1. Diabetes history of around 19 years
  2. Shift working for 30 years and still continues
  3. A1C dropped on LCHF, despite knocking off majority of drugs.
  4. Hypertension fixed
  5. LIPIDS fixed.
  6. Almost 4rth year on LCHF diet. Naysayers keep saying CHF is difficult to follow.

Congratulations Yashwant. A great achievement indeed and every achievement is an opportunity for i-celebration on


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