Reversing Type 2 Diabetes On Indian LCHF Diet At 73 Yrs – Lily Pinto’s Success Story

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Shashikant Iyengar has been interacting with and helping many acquaintances desperately looking for help to manage Type 2 diabetes. Most of them have been on the extreme end of despair — injecting insulin, taking a plethora of oral pills and yet landing terrible blood sugar control; not surprising, as the dietary recommendation for a diabetic is as wide of the mark as it is for a non-diabetic — all loaded with carbs.

Lily Pinto is one such exemplary case. Here’s her brief history before she embarked on her LCHF journey:

  1. Age : 73 years
  2. A1C pre LCHF: 9.0
  3. Insulin: 35 u/day
  4. Glimepiride 1mg : BID
  5. Metformin 500mg: BID

She agreed to try the Low carb diet and not surprisingly, her gains on LCHF have been remarkable. The summary is as follows:

  1. A1C : 6.6 — dropped from 9.0 despite stopping insulin.
    Update on 29th May, 2019: A1C dropped to 6.1
  2. Insulin: Eliminated completely. That’s roughly INR 22,000/year savings
  3. Glimepiride: Reduced to 0.5 mg/day
  4. Weight loss: 8 kg.

Lily Pinto’s success story thread on the forum.

With over 200+ Indian success stories, we have proved what we had to — LCHF / Keto diet is workable in an Indian context also. More so, since we do not just rehash the western keto format. We have a clear demarcation between LCHF & Keto diets as Keto may not be for everyone. The Keto diet is an option and not a compulsion on

A big Congratulations to Lily Pinto for having taken this step at 73 years of age and to Shashikant for always leading by example from the frontline. The dividends are there for everyone to see. Now, the demographics of success stories on has a wide range: 7 years to 77 years of age and all Indians; our primary focus is on the Indian diaspora across the world.

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Image Credit: Provided by Lily Pinto via Shashikant Iyengar with permission to use on our network of sites.


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