S Venkatesh’s Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Success Story on Indian Low carb LCHF Keto Diet

essvee 1 - S Venkatesh's Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Success Story on Indian Low carb LCHF Keto Diet

S Venkatesh had joined dLife.in in August 2014, the month in which the community was launched. He is a Type 2 diabetic since the mid 1990s. His journey of diabetes medications started with Metformin, and gradually included other medications like Glimepiride 2 mg in the morning and 1 mg at night, along with Pioglitazone 30 mg once a day. Despite these drugs, his HbA1C was above 8%.

He writes:

My initial one-and-half years or so in dlife.in was limited to just reading through all the recipes, posts, members’ reactions & suggestions, etc. And then I started following LCHF from Jan 2016 and could notice the difference in my BS levels within 3 months or so thereafter. As a result, medicines also started to reduce one-by-one.
My first report in June 2016 showed HbA1C of 6 which went down to 5.5 in Sep 2016. And since then, there has been no looking back. In Dec 2016, HbA1C came to 5.3 purely with help from Forum members to tweak the diet even further!

I have been able to maintain HbA1C in the range of 5.4-5.8 for third year succession.

But I must confess it has not been all that smooth ride after my retirement in Feb 2017 when I joined back my family. Prior to that, I was in Baroda staying alone, single-handedly taking care of what I ate. After I joined back my family, I did bow in to family pressure initially as far as my diet was concerned. This showed up in my test in Jan ’18 when HcA1C touched 7.2! Then I decided to take things back under my own control and, here I am, back to 5.4! I am currently on MF SR 500mg BD. I still have to get a hold on some parameters of my lipids but I am sure that will happen sooner or later.

Forum posts in dlife.in are a wealth of information and the senior members are always ready to provide all possible support as and when required. There is 24×7 help available in this forum for everyone. They go all out to hand hold any new member willing to get his/her BS under control scientifically.

Thank you Dlife!!!

So, it is evident that the moment one goes back to eating the regular high carb low fat diet, the blood sugar goes out of control. This is why LCHF diet is the only way to reverse type 2 diabetes. Click on the “Join Now” button below to be the next success story.

Image Credit: Image provided by S Venkatesh with permission to use it on our network of sites.


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