Santosh’s Successful Type 2 Diabetes Remission – Indian Vegetarian Low carb LCHF Diet

Santoh Das Type 2 Diabetes Reversal on Indian Low carb LCHF diet

Santosh Das is a strict vegetarian — he does not even include onions, garlic etc in meal preparations. Diabetes runs in his family, with 60% of them — uncle, aunts, sister, mother, cousins — diagnosed in the last couple of years. Santosh is a Type 2 Indian diabetic since Feb 2017, with an A1C of 7.1%. On his success story thread, he writes:

The doctor was very casual in breaking the news to me as it was business as usual for him. He Googled what it means to be a 7.1 & asked me if I want to take medicines to control this. A part of me said no. Call it my intuition but I thought I can get cured without medicines. I weighed my options & told the doctor I will come back to him later. He asked me to get in touch with him in 3 months.

Then I bumped into many websites and got to know of many short term cures. There were a lot of tips but it was not structured & I was completely lost. A Long Wheat diet here, a magical practitioner there, herbal medicines, breathing exercises, meditation etc. & I read about everything but I was not satisfied.

Finally while sipping a cup of coffee I saw the word Dlife in one of the websites. I clicked on it & that was the start of my LCHF Diet journey. That click changed my life & my lifestyle. Low Carb High Fat diet as they called it.

His A1C as posted on his success story thread is currently 5.6%. That’s non-diabetic A1C, made possible by following Indian Low-carb LCHF diet — the only thing that members of focus on. He has successfully reversed his diabetes and along the way lost weight also, without any effort of calorie counting or fighting perpetual hunger.

Santosh goes on to conclude:

Dlife has proven that Diabetics can also have mouth-watering dishes. They can also enjoy their life without getting any side effects of medicines. In fact they can lead longer lives than people who are not diabetic.

My Hba1c is 5.6 now & I am overjoyed by the results. I have lost a lot of weight & have developed a life-long habit of following a healthy LCHF diet. I am indebted to all the guys who still support me on my journey. I can’t thank you enough how you all have saved me. I wish I could name you guys but you know who you all are. Three cheers to DLife & good health with LCHF.

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Image Credit: Provided by Santosh Das with permission to use it on our network of sites.


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