Sunil’s Weight Loss & Diabetes Reversal Success Story on Indian LCHF Diet – A1C 11.2 to 5.4

sunil rautela 1168x650 - Sunil's Weight Loss & Diabetes Reversal Success Story on Indian LCHF Diet - A1C 11.2 to 5.4

Malhar is a band from Dehradun. Why we are starting this diabetes reversal and weight loss success story with a music video from Malhar would be clear as we move along. So enjoy the music before heading to the story:

We are sure you can now recognize Sunil Rautela in the video above. He is the lead guitarist, on the extreme right, and music is one of his passion. He is a Type 2 diabetic and his diabetes journey started at the young age of 33 years, four years back, with the following numbers:

  1. HB1AC of 11.2,
  2. FBS 210 and
  3. PP of 320.
  4. Weight: 86 Kg

For anyone whose diabetic journey starts at such a young age, looking for dietary and other interventions is a normal first-step after they get to understand the basics of diabetes. In Sunil’s case it was no different. His efforts of desperately looking for a non-pharmaceutical approach to manage diabetes brought him to

He has posted his success story today and here is the thread on the forum. Notable achievements have been:

  1. HBA1C of 5.8. This he achieved within 4 months of switching to Indian LCHF diet.
  2. Weight currently: 70 Kg. So a whopping 16 Kg weight loss without counting calories.

Not just this, here’s what he had to say, as he switched his entire family to LCHF diet:

This worked for my mother too, who is a diabetic, the medicines definitely reduced.

I have learnt to chose only healthy options not only for me but now my son 5.5 years old & my wife are also more aware of what food is better for them. I can count in the last 4 years, how many times my son had pizza or cold drink (maybe not more than 3 times). These are strictly banned including the fruit juices. I wish to stay the same (follow LCHF & more) for as long as i can and believe me it’s not even that hard as one would have so many options for breakfast, lunch dinner. All under one roof, so stay committed stay medicine free and enjoy the active lifestyle.

The “experts” are busy blowing dollars on expensive studies to prove LCHF doesn’t work. However, either they have stuck their head deep in the sand or only do studies favouring the sickening “high carb low fat” food industry. You are one more success story on that adds to the 200+ and exposes the corrupt who call LCHF or Keto a FAD diet. Let them enjoy the industry funding while we enjoy great health.

Congratulations Sunil for having regained your health.

Everyone on the forum waits for your new album!

Update 19th December 2018: A1C 5.4


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