Can Vegetarian Indians Follow Low Carb High Fat Diet For Diabetes Reversal / Weight Loss?

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Beyond all doubts Indian Low-carb LCHF diet, as practiced on, works for reversing diabetes and also facilitates weight loss. The advantages do not just end there. Improvements in LIPIDS, freedom from fatigue and lethargy, freedom from eating six-to-eight times a day, reductions in medicines etc are some of the collateral advantages of Low Carb High-fat diet. This is not just a claim. We have 200+ Indian success stories to boast of. Not many community sites in India can boast of this achievement, more so as almost all are rehashing western meat-centric Keto diet — something that vegetarians can never follow.

LCHF Vs Keto — The Difference On

On we do not use LCHF and Keto reversibly. For us, the Keto diet is a subset of the LCHF diet. The details have been discussed in a separate article so we will not repeat the entire detail here. Here’s why we did not mix up the two — LCHF & Keto — and kept them as separate diets altogether.

  1. India’s per capita meat consumption is one of the lowest in the world.
  2. We try and avoid reliance on red meat.
  3. Indians, by and large, are carb-centric in dietary habits so transitioning to < 30 gms/day carbs would almost become a nightmare. Believe me, the Keto diet is not easy.
  4. In the absence of animal/poultry proteins for vegetarians, switching directly to the Keto diet severely restricts the food options available.
We have made LCHF easier for Indian Vegetarians

So, we focus primarily on the LCHF diet, and slipping into the keto range of the low-carb spectrum is left as an optional choice for whoever wants to delve and settle into that territory. We do have a few on the forum who are following the ketogenic diet. Shashikant Iyengar, Prabhu Raman, Elle Jay, Vinay Raj, Ramgopal, Dr. Anil Handa are a few who are doing exceedingly well on the Ketogenic diet.

Coming back to vegetarians and LCHF. We have members like HSD, Rajnish Bhatia, Anuraag Kochhar, PragyaRJN, Santosh Das, Arun Kumar, Sanjay, Sourabh among others, who are strict vegetarians and yet have been following LCHF diet for anywhere between 1 year to 5 years now. Here’s a video from Anurag, a strict vegetarian, and his success story:

In fact, both HSD and RJN are insulin deficient, lean type 2 diabetic, and yet are hitting A1C of 5.0 to 5.5 and no exogenous insulin. Arun Kumar has a diabetes history of 25+ years and yet hits A1C of < 5.6 consistently, year after year. The five most important things on that has made it possible for Indian vegetarians to succeed on LCHF are:

  1. A huge collection of actual recipes as tried and tested by Indian diabetics. This keeps growing and is comes complete with macro calculations, ingredients, pictures etc. Around 60% of the entire collection of recipes is vegetarian.
  2. A gradual transition plan which you can tweak to suit your own pace.
  3. Constant hand-holding by members & moderators who have been through it.
  4. A community of Indians by Indians for Indians across the globe. So, communicating with each other is very easy.
  5. A solid database of FAQ on LCHF diet in the Indian context.
Wrapping up
  1. On the ketogenic diet is just a small subset of the LCHF diet.
  2. All keto diet is LCHF but not all LCHF is ketogenic.
  3. The huge number of success stories of vegetarian Indians shows that it is easy to follow the LCHF diet even for vegetarians.
  4. 60% of a collection of 1000+ recipes are vegetarian.
  5. Hand holding by Indian diabetics who have been there, thus assuring you that you are on the right path.
  6. Not just vegetarians, even non-vegetarians have done far better compared to other sites. Here’s one video from Susan, who tried everything from vegan to Kerala LCHF but could only go off Insulin on

So, rest assured, you can be sure that Indian vegetarians can easily follow the LCHF diet that’s practiced on Be the next success story by clicking on the Join Now button below:


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