Venkatesh’s Type 2 Diabetes Reversal & Weight Loss Success Story on Indian Low Carb Keto Diet

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Venkatesh joined in November 2017. He is a Type 2 diabetic since December 2015. At the age of 48, he suffered from a heart attack, and went through angioplasty with stent in RCA in 2004. Thereafter, he tried Ornish Diet (VEGAN), and he had the following to say:

Maintaining the diet was hell [sic]. This led to hunger tantrums and could not follow the diet. However the blockages started increasing again after a few years because of the low fat high carb diet. Initially lost weight, however subsequently could not continue on this diet and went on putting on weight leading to GERD in 2012, and reached 78 Kgs.

His diabetes medications kept on increasing, despite all efforts. This is not unusual on High Carb Low Fat diet. Before he embarked upon LCHF diet, his medications included Glyciphage G2 (1 1/2 – 0 – 1), and Nuril 5mg (1 – 0 – 0). This increased, and he started taking Glimepiride 2mg in morning and night, as well as Metformin.

He started his LCHF journey from Jun 2017. Here’s what he has to say:

I retired from service in Feb 2017. My sugar levels improved due to less stress after my retirement and my medication reduced, however medicines continued. I started my search on reversal of diabetes and came across LCHF and its benefits from the internet, for diabetes and heart disease, and I started my LCHF journey in June 2017.

I am strictly following the LCHF (KETO) diet and i have lost 15 Kgs in about seven months ie., from 77.5 to 62.5 kgs. My weight has remained around 62 kgs. I had to stop all my diabetes medications within a month. I am still continuing my BP medication, however stopped the statins and the blood thinner. However it is recommended in view of my angioplasty to continue Ecospirin, so I am taking them on alternate days. Saaol heart centre had given some special treatment because of which my Serum creatinine increased to 1.2 mg/dL this has now gone down to 0.7 mg/dL on LCHF(KETO) diet.
I have completely reversed my Diabetes and my FPBS is 73 mg/dl and PPBS = 87 mg/dl and Hba1c is 4.93 now.

Here’s the video podcast recorded on May 2nd, 2021

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Image Credit: Provided by Venkatesh with permission to use on our network of sites.


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