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About Anjali

India’s first Certified Low Carb Nutritionist | Brown Belt Holder in Karate | Creator of Eat Fit, Get Fit personalized health mentoring program

Anjali is an Award winning professional who founded a health food start-up that empowered people to be fit. She is the creator of a personalized health mentoring program, Eat Fit, Get Fit, aimed at helping individuals and couples improve their metabolic health with proper nutrition.

She is passionate about helping people overcome their metabolic health problems such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, PCOS, Gut & Digestive disorders, and more. Through her program, people have overcome acidity, digestion problems, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, high sugar levels, high blood pressure, unhealthy food cravings, low energy levels, and excess weight with customized nutrition plans that are sustainable and easy to follow.

Not allowing age to be a barrier, Anjali took up Mixed Martial Arts as her fitness route at 35+ years. This has allowed her to explore newer and exciting fitness aspects and scale new heights by completing three 10K runs.

Her journey towards becoming a Low Carb Nutritionist began while working in corporate L&D for almost 11 years. Struggling with obesity and unhealthy eating habits, she decided to take charge of her health and started researching and educating herself while running her food start-up. It helped her focus on her nutrition and has since allowed her to use her knowledge to benefit others.

A brief insight about Eat Fit, Get Fit Program
–       Each program starts with understanding the individual’s health and medical background.
–       Based on this, a thoroughly customized program is created to suit their requirements and personal preferences.
–       Helping the clients understand where they stand and what made them come there.
–       Providing an in-depth insight into Low Carb Nutrition and how it helps.
–       Regular video calls and WhatsApp connects to keep track of the person’s progress.
–       Product and recipe recommendations to help them ease into the program.
–       Personal coaching, creating the right mindset, and building new habits for sustainability are some of the nuances of the program.

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