Diabetes Reversal & Weight Loss Success Story On Indian Low-carb LCHF Diet – Mangesh

Type 2 diabetes reversal success story, weight-loss success story on Indian low-carb lchf diet

Mangesh has tried everything in the past to reduce weight and had success in the short term. He was aware that diabetes being in his family, he had to be watchful. However, in 2014 he was detected (pre?)-diabetic with an A1C of 6.4%. For us, there’s nothing called pre-diabetes, so A1C above 5.6% is diabetic. In addition, he was also diagnosed with hypertension and fatty liver.

Despite the medications, by March 2017 his A1C crept up to 8.5%. He had the following to share on his success story thread on the forum:

Being a frequent Yo-Yo dieter that I was in the past, just before undergoing this lab test I had done a lot of reading and research on Keto/LCHF lifestyle and was inspired by the amazing success stories I came across from all over the world, especially from “dlife.in”. I began my Keto/LCHF journey in February 2017 and started managing it with total integrity. Actually, the March 2017 HbA1c of 8.5 had derailed me momentarily but the “dlife.in” success stories with similar lifestyle patterns as mine helped me get back on track.

When I started this new lifestyle I weighed 105 kg with 44 inches waist size.

Fast forward to March 2018, after one year on the Indian LCHF diet his A1C clocked 6.0%, even though he has been medication-free since August 2017. Also, his weight declined from 105 kg to 86 kg in August 2017. That’s a substantial improvement in barely 6 months on the LCHF diet. He says:

At present, in October my weight is in the steady range of 86 – 88 kg. In addition to the weight and inches loss, as compared to Keto, on LCHF, the second motivating factor was my greatly improved vision. I hardly ever use my reading glasses now except in low light areas which is acceptable.

Congratulations Mangesh! Well done.

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