Indian Type 1 Diabetes LCHF Diet Success Story – Srishti

shristi - Indian Type 1 Diabetes LCHF Diet Success Story - Srishti

Srishti is Type 1 diabetic since 2015, and she is 7 years of age now.

Her mother, Sirisha Mantha switched her to  Indian Low Carb High Fat diet, which we all follow in different shades. Being a growing child, obviously her protein consumption is higher in terms of gm/kg body weight. Sirisha posted her daughter’s success story recently, and here’s how it goes:

My daughter was diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes 2 years 9 months ago.

For 1.5 years, we did not know what are healthy sugar levels. When we were doing high carb and doing everything with insulin, with much difficulty, we could come from 8 HbA1c to 7. We could not come down from 7 and getting into 6 was a distant dream. Then we started making changes in the diet slowly. Her insulin dose was 1.5 times the weight of her body, and after low carb, it fell to 60% of her weight, yet she eats to her content. High insulin dose, high carb actually gave unwanted and unhealthy weight gain. Eight months ago we had 6.2. The sensor (we use occasionally) predictions and Diabetes:M app showed HbA1c in 5s. Could be many reasons why it was not reflecting in lab tests. Could be many reasons. We have also improved our overall Diabetes management with reduced roller coaster sugars. Now with 5.7, we are surely motivated to do better.

Now the target is 5.5 with good standard deviation. Average can be good with roller coasters, but that’s not what we are looking for.

Her growth is going awesome! No mood swings, has increased energy levels in sports and she is feeling happy.

Nothing can be better than to see a 7 year old child doing Low Carb diet so comfortably, and the fact that she could break the barrier of A1C 6 and hit 5.7.  Of course, kudos to Sirisha for having taken this path where experts scare with just one thing — Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA). No doubt Type-1s are prone to DKA, but this is where community support comes in handy, when parents/caretakers of other Type-1s, like Shalini for example, are always there to guide and share their experiences.

Sirisha goes on to say:

Thank you to Dr. Bernstein and support groups like who help us achieve good sugar levels without depriving the child of healthy, tasty food. Wish we spread the word or at least will be able to show low carb as an option to the newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetics.

The entire post from Sirisha is available on the forum.

Here’s the video podcast recorded on May 9th, 2021


Image Credit: Image has been provided by Sirisha Mantha, mother of Sristhi, with permission to use on this post. We have resized the image to make it compatible with the dimension ratios.


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