Indian Type 2 Diabetes Reversal On LCHF Diet Success Story – Rahul Choubey

rchoubey - Indian Type 2 Diabetes Reversal On LCHF Diet Success Story - Rahul Choubey

Rahul Choubey, 33 years of age, is a Type 2 diabetic. He was diagnosed Type 2 diabetic with the following numbers:

27th Feb 2018:

HbA1C: 14.3 %,
Total Cholesterol: 230 mg/dl.
HDL Cholesterol:31 mg/dl.
LDL Cholesterol:139 mg/dl. 
Triglycerides: 405 mg/dl.

He joined and was in action, following all the inputs that he received from other achievers on the forum. Yes, needless to say, it was Indian LCHF diet and nothing else when it came to dietary tweaks.

23rd June, 2018:

HbA1C: 7.1 %,
HDL Cholesterol:43.9 mg/dl.
LDL Cholesterol:145.48 mg/dl. 
Triglycerides: 291.6 mg/dl.

31st July, 2018:

PPBS: 97.70 mg/dl (after breakfast)
Total Cholesterol: 222.60 mg/dl.
HDL Cholesterol: 60 mg/dl.
LDL Cholesterol:109 mg/dl. 
Triglycerides: 267.10 mg/dl.

  1. HbA1C drops from 14.3% to 7.1% within 3 months of diet change.
  2. Triglycerides drop from 406 mg/dl to 267 mg/dl. Still a long way to go, but the trend is already there. We aim for Triglycerides of 100 mg/dl max.
  3. HDL went up from 31 mg/dL to 60 mg/dL. No drug can do that. Only diet can achieve this.

Update on 25th December 2018

A1C: 6.5

Now, this sharp drop in HbA1C is the biggest one on the forum.

Rahul is very happy with what he has achieved so far, and his own target is an HbA1C of 5.6%. We are sure he will get there. This is what he had to say on his thread:

The best thing happened is that I know how my GL will react on food, Still not in 100 % LCHF.

Image Credit: Image provided by Rahul with permission to use on this article. We have resized it to suit the dimension ratios.


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