Type 2 Diabetes Reversal On Indian Low Carb High Fat LCHF Diet: Arun Kumar’s Success Story

Arun Kumar's Type 2 diuabetes reversal success story on Indian Low Carb High Fat -- LCHF -- diet.

Arun Kumar is one of the three professionals with long standing experience in the Pharmaceutical industry, the other two being Shashikant and R Vijayasarathi. So, when it comes about drugs, it actions and contraindications, members always look up to them. Arun’s type 2 diabetes history dates back to 1992. He has been on Pioz (30mg), glimepiride (4.5 mg) and Metformin before switching to Indian Low Carb High fat diet.

Different drug combinations along the way were tried but nothing really helped in getting the numbers back down to non diabetic range. Blood sugar levels were always above 140 and rising gradually.

It was in 2014 that Arun Kumar decided to switch to LCHF diet, and has been on the same diet for over 4 years now. Needless to say, medicines started reducing and blood sugar levels started normalizing. Within three months, pioz doses reduced to 50% and blood sugar readings were in the non diabetic range. Post six months of LCHF, he was off from Pioz and glimepiride dose was reduced to half.

He is off from all pancreas whipping drugs. He is only on Metformin. This is what he posted on his success story thread on the forum:

I avoid cheat meals.

Currently on MF 1 gm BID, IF daily and EF once in fortnight.

Walk 10 km every day. Full energy and life is vibrant.

Current HbA1c 5.6

This is what diet can do, even for a long standing diabetic with diabetes history of over two decades before switching to LCHF. Congratulations Arun Kumar!

Here’s Arun’s journey of 6+ years on Indian Keto diet, recorded on Feb 7, 2021

Image Credit: Image provided by Arun Kumar with permission to use across our network of sites.


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