Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Success Story On Indian Ketogenic Diet – Padmavathi Vasudevan

Type 2 Diabetes Reversal on Indian Ketogenic Diet, Diabetes reversal success on ketogenic diet

Padmavathi Vasudevan is related to Shashikant Iyengar. At 77 years of age, she has a Type 2 diabetes history that went undetected as no one ever recommends testing of insulin levels. As a result, she was undergoing treatment for Age-Related Macular Disorder (AMD), with partial vision loss in one eye. Shashikant had asked for few tests to be done, including fasting and PP insulin, and here’s what the numbers turned out to be:

The results 3 months back was:
Hba1c 6.7
Fasting and PP blood sugar was 84 and 131 mg/dl
Fasting and PP insulin levels were 21 and 138 units

Obviously, no one at dLife.in would find these uber high insulin levels as something to be ignored. It clearly indicated insulin resistance, which went undetected for no one knows for how long, as no one recommended testing insulin levels

This is what Shashikant writes on her success story thread on the forum:

So I explained that these were causing the vision loss and that she has to adopt low carb Ketogenic diet

She is a strong willed lady as was ready for a vegetarian Ketogenic diet.

After 3 months the lab reports:
Hba1c 5.6
Fasting and PP insulin levels are 0.94 and 3.45 units

This is a super low insulin level. I have my own doubts on this low level. But still it’s a same lab used last time. And it’s NABL accredited.

Anyways the results as below:
Weight loss is 10 kgs.
Diabetes reversed.
Insulin levels lowered.
She was also having a BP of around 188/100. Now the reading is 130/80.

Follow up Opthalmic check yet to be done to see if the AMD is progressing or at least arrested.

The objective of going to Keto level was to reverse Diabetes and arrest the further progress of AMD

She is highly motivated and charged

Some more benefits seen is more alert and agile
Can now walk 5 kms which was just 1 km earlier.

This is what diet can do. No medicines can ever get one to the state that she is now in — diabetes reversal, blood pressure normalized, and weight loss.

Congratulations Shashikant for being the source of motivation and guidance to everyone in your family and relations. For the audience, Shashikant’s cousin — R Vijayasarathy — has his own success story.

Image Credit: Image provided by Shashikant Iyengar with permission to use it on our network of sites.


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