Diabetes & Weight Loss Indian Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan Recipes- 7 Day Lunch Menu

Diabetes & Weight Loss Diet Meal Plan - Indian Low-carb Ketogenic diet

Being on Indian Low Carb High Fat diet, for type-2 diabetes reversal and/or weight-loss, is easy. My diabetes reversal success story on Indian ketogenic diet is shared here. If I at 70+ can do it, then surely it should be easier for others. Believe me, this lifestyle has unlimited recipe options — with your creativity and imagination being the only limit.

While doing Intermittent fasting as part of this lifestyle, there are two major meals. In this article, I am sharing my recommendations for lunch, based on what I actually eat to be in Nutritional Ketosis. All the recipes below are actual ones, based on what has been done by me, so they have all the details of ingredients, method, macros, and even pictures taken by me – they are not just some copy-paste work from Google.

Experimenting with recipes and coming up with new ones is a really enjoyable experience, more so when you see the impact on your home blood sugar meter. You don’t need industrial doses of drugs and insulin to control type-2 diabetes. It’s all about diet. Being free from diabetes is not a great challenge.

My seven ketogenic diet meal plan recipes – Lunch
  1. Day 1 Ketogenic Diet Lunch Menu Recipe: Calories: 882 kcal/serving; Carbs: 7%; Protein: 20%; Fat: 73%.
  2. Day 2 Ketogenic Diet Lunch Menu Recipe: Calories: 904 kcal; Carbs: 8.5%; Protein: 16%; Fat: 75.5%.
  3. Day 3 Ketogenic Diet Lunch Menu Recipe: Calories: 984 kcal; Carbs: 3.5%; Protein: 34.5%; Fat: 62%.
  4. Day 4 Ketogenic Diet Lunch Menu Recipe: Calories: 1016 kcal; Carbs: 16%; Protein: 9.5%; Fat: 74.5%.
  5. Day 5 Ketogenic Diet Lunch Menu Recipe: Calories: 543 kcal; Carbs: 19%; Protein: 16%; Fat: 65%.
  6. Day 6 Ketogenic Diet Lunch Menu Recipe: Calories: 703 kcal; Carbs: 23%; Protein: 6%; Fat: 71%.
  7. Day 7 Ketogenic Diet Lunch Menu Recipe: Calories: 642 kcal; Carbs: 16%; Protein: 14%; Fat: 70%.

Wherever there is a calorie shortfall, there are 1000+ recipes options available to chose from. Plan your meals in such a way that for the day, you are in keto range. Controlling macros, and combining with strength building, one can easily stay in nutrition ketosis. I am always in that state.


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