Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Reversed on Low Carb High Fat – LCHF Ketogenic – Diet

dr anil handa 2 - Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Reversed on Low Carb High Fat - LCHF Ketogenic - Diet

Being declared a diabetic is not comforting news for anyone at any age. For me, a septuagenarian, it was no different. However, as detailed in my diabetes reversal success story, it was the LCHF diet coupled with exercise that helped me to even dump metformin and statin drugs very quickly. In fact, I still remember the day when I returned the leftover stock of both to the pharmacy and got a refund of INR 800+

So, how did I successfully reverse my Type 2 diabetes and go off medications so quickly? Let’s take a look.

The Hunt For A Solution

For a diabetic of any age, the solutions narrow down to the following few options:

  1. Stick to the advice of doctors, dietitians, and nutritionists and then depend on diabetes medications and insulin for life. We’re talking not just about medications for diabetes but also medications to cover diabetic complications that may later set in. I was already put on statins for LIPIDS.
  2. A drastic change of lifestyle — diet and exercise — to either eliminate or reduce dependence on a plethora of drugs. This may look like a daunting task but it is easy to do once you have the right people holding your hand — diabetics who have already been there and done it.

As a veterinary doctor myself, I was determined to shoot for option 2 above. So, started looking for solutions and came across many options. Some of these, like the vegan diet, never found resonance with me as a feasible option. The issue of sarcopenia (degenerative muscle loss with old age) was always at the back of my mind and with that in view, the vegan diet option went flying out of the window.

The worldwide web is flooded with LCHF & ketogenic diet as an option to manage diabetes with the least dependence on drugs. This is something that did strike my imagination. However, the next issue was to find a community that was India-specific. It did not take me long to find — a vibrant community of Indians who reversed their diabetes, drastically reduced their dependence on medications and aimed for normal blood sugars.

Kickstarting The Process

I kick-started my diabetes reversal journey by sticking to the three-week transition plan. It was easy as there were members who were always there to guide and help during the transition and even after that. A huge number of recipes on the forum made the job of understanding the concept easy. The first focus of the community is on diet. When diet alone does not achieve the desired numbers then walking and exercise are also factored in.

It did not take me long to get used to this way of eating and I also decided to incorporate strength building into my new lifestyle. As I mentioned in the opening of this article, I was able to return leftover medicines that I was no longer using. Once I settled into this routine, then my meter readings kept motivating me to stick with it.

Long-Term Adherence Is The Key

I have often seen naysayers saying that LCHF / Keto diet is not easy to stick to long-term. Surprisingly, these statements mostly come from the “self-anointed” who haven’t lived a single day on the diet that they criticize. Personally, I or anyone enjoying better health parameters on far lower medications, would never ever agree with such baseless comments from so-called diabetologists, dietitians, and nutritionists. I can never fathom myself going back to the sickening diet called “low fat”.

Long-term compliance is easy. One way would be to innovate and transform regular meals into LCHF compliant meals. I have done this and have posted a series of 21 recipes on the following links:

  1. Diabetes & Weight Loss Indian Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan Recipes- 7 Day Breakfast Menu
  2. Diabetes & Weight Loss Indian Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan Recipes- 7 Day Lunch Menu
  3. Diabetes & Weight Loss Indian Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan Recipes- 7 Day Dinner Menu

On the exercise front, I prefer easy-to-carry resistance bands.

  1. As is always said on — Type 2 diabetes is a blessing in disguise if you are willing to unlearn the old school training about diet.
  2. Type 2 diabetes reversal is not a Myth but a reality. 200+ and counting diabetes reversal success stories prove it to be so. Do not fall prey to scams of diabetes cure as diabetes is not curable.
  3. If I could reverse my diabetes at the age of 70, anyone can and everyone should. Drugs can never be the answer.
  4. Exercise will always help in non-insulin-mediated glucose uptake and also up the metabolism.

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