Indian LCHF Diet Success Story – Type 2 Diabetes Reversal of D Y Kulkarni – A1C 10.8 to 6.0

dykulkarni - Indian LCHF Diet Success Story - Type 2 Diabetes Reversal of D Y Kulkarni - A1C 10.8 to 6.0

D Y Kulkarni‘s history of Type 2 diabetes started in 2005. Along the way, his numbers kept increasing, despite all the medications he was on. Yet another case to prove how horrible High Carb Low Fat diet is for managing diabetes. The bigger surprise came in April 2017 when his health check up returned an HBA1C of 10.8%.  And, the doctor suggested him to go on insulin. That was a wake up call! He decided to look for alternatives for reversing his diabetes.

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So, Indian LCHF diet was the obvious way forward. Getting over the initial inertia is what everyone is worried about, and this is what he had to say on his success story thread posted recently:

So while going across internet found group Dlife & Anup Singh where all were discussing the same issues with their success stories with LCHF and motivating all. This increased my interest in finding the root cause and read lot of articles on IF, LCHF, impact of eating frequency etc. It was not easy to change the diet immediately which was following for so many years. However looking at success stories of others decided to give a try.

Despite following LCHF diet half-heartedly, his A1C came crashing down from 10.8% to 6.0% in five months. Obviously, he was able to avoid insulin that his doctor was forcing on him when his A1C clocked 10.8%. Now, he has added intermittent fasting to his schedule, and hopes to hit the magical A1C of 5.6% max., going forward.

Congratulations D Y Kulkarni!

Image Credit: Image provided by D Y Kulkarni with permission to use it on our network of sites. We have edited the image to suit the aspect ratio.


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